The end of SIM cards is coming

The end of SIM cards is coming

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The world’s largest mobile operators today presented its new initiative related to the expansion of wireless GSM-communication beyond the ordinary cell phones and smartphones with a range of other devices, such as navigators, cameras, portable consoles, music players and other devices that can work with mobile networks.

The consortium of mobile operators, known as the GSM Association, today announced plans to build a new generation of SIM-cards that can be used outside of mobile phones. Within the GSMA has recently established a working group of the largest mobile operators, AT & T, Verizon, Vodafone, China Mobile and Deutsche Telekom, which took the challenge to adapt the SIM-cards for embedded use.

By the GSM Association said the current SIM-cards – removable chips that are serving as the subscriber identifier of the mobile network. Embedded SIM-cards would be unusual chips that can be activated remotely, for example, after the first inclusion of digital device or performing other key activities. Experts say today is based on GSM for voice calls worldwide, and also a significant amount of data traffic. The new technology aims to develop the possibilities of using cellular networks.

To date, SIM-cards as a whole is still not used outside of traditional mobile phones, with the exception of Internet Tablets and Apple iPad Samsung Galaxy Tab, and in some professional equipment to determine location. Therefore, mobile operators are interested in extending their network services and additional revenue from use of these services.

“Although our industry will move from the phone to a wider range of connected devices must create a new technology that provides flexibility of the new functionality” – said Rob Conway, CEO of GSM Association.

Analysts believe that new technology will impose additional requirements on the operators themselves. Clearly, devices with embedded SIM-cards are not limited simply to identify the cellular network, but will use a signal transmitting and receiving information. Given the fact that the majority of cellular networks are already congested, the new technology will force companies more quickly and actively to modernize their networks.

Experts also note that the new devices with built-in SIM-cards will increase their requirements to battery capacity because existing solutions based on WiFi or WiMax, already are active, and these features further increase battery consumption. After adding yet another channel for data transmission will further increase electricity consumption.

From GSMA said that new technology will have its advantages, in particular additional protection devices. First, the device with integrated SIM-card in case of theft, will be blocked and the other will be used as a system of two-factor authentication, where additional user information is transmitted on the channel of the cellular network. These solutions will find wide application in different payment systems.


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