LG will be releasing Google Pixel 2 with a curved display

LG will be releasing Google Pixel 2 with a curved display

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Google Pixel 2, next smartphone from Google can be a curved display, and the company wants LG to become its producer, according to sources from South Korea data, Google wants to invest 1 trillion won (about $ 875.2 million) in the Display LG, LG unit for the production of displays. The investment will help the company produce enough flexible OLED panels for the needs of Google.


Negotiations between the two companies continues and the size of investments may increase in the future, the report said. LG Display will use the capital to build a new production line for flexible OLED-panels and the first smartphones Pixel, should appear in the second half of 2017. In the report there is no detailed information about the future smartphone displays Google Pixel 2.

Original Pixel smartphones have OLED-displays, but not curved edges without frames, like the Galaxy S8 from Samsung and probably in the upcoming iPhone from Apple. According to recent reports, Apple shifts to the OLED, at least for some of its future models. The recent leaked reports that the company has placed an order with Samsung’s 70 million flexible OLED-panels. Thus, the race for the creation of the most advanced OLED-panels for smartphones included in the active stage.

Samsung Display currently dominates the market for the OLED-smartphones with 99 percent market share as of August 2016. LG manufactures OLED-displays for Apple Watch, but now the company does not release large quantities of OLED-panels for smartphones.

The report also states that LG Display and Google are working to create a flexible, collapsible display. No details yet on the timing of the implementation of this technology.

How many versions of the new model will be a smartphone?

This year may go 3 version of the smartphone, as sounded the code name «walleye», «muskie», associated with Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL, respectively, as well as «taimen», which will be executed with a larger body in PHABLET format. It uses processor clocked at 1.9 GHz (possibly – Snapdragon 835) is set to 4 GB RAM, and all its other characteristics also appear powerful.

Recent rumors suggest that Google will release an update for Pixel and Pixel XL models, as well as another smartphone Pixel in a larger format. It is believed that it will be comparable to that released by Motorola in 2014, Nexus 6.

According to the company Motorola, Nexus 6 will be too dimensional, but Google requested them to make smart like that. It is possible that this will be repeated this time and again, Google wants to create a large phone. Especially when you consider the tendency to increase the size of smartphones lately.

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