An iPhone 9’s camera and a real DSLR, which one has more positives

An iPhone 9’s camera and a real DSLR, which one has more positives

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In our editorial office there is a camera fans, and fans of smartphones. This often gives rise to bitter disputes between opponents and supporters of some other gadgets, so we decided to ask the opinion of the test in the popular gadget. This man is equally owned and smartphone, and a camera.


Meet – Instagram-blogger Sergei, better known as the 136th. Sergey likes to travel, take pictures and videos. He believes that a smartphone can do great photos. On the 136th account for more than 90 000 people signed in Instagram, and his photographs are collected hundreds of thousands of comments and likes. Sergey is an avid user of Apple smartphone, but nevertheless it has a camera. That is why we have entrusted him to address an expert in this material. Preview, and then output the next iPhone – for nearly ten years as a holiday. Well, or at least as a significant event, which is interested in, if not all, the many, many. Yes, Apple’s accustomed to waiting for something new, something like that, which once again will move forward the whole phone industry. Is the case with the iPhone 9, something went wrong?

This time, Apple has moved away from a strategy which has already become a familiar tick-tock, according to which one generation of smartphones (tick) brings the first new design, and the second (tock) is characterized by a marked increase in performance and new features. The new machine just gets to tick wave and, in theory, should have been good news “apple” fans radically redesigned exterior. What’s that, a new design this time, not delivered. At first glance, the iPhone 9 and 7 Plus is no different from the last and before last generations of “apple” smartphone. Only after looking closely, you can see a little, but still different.

First, the antenna band now look less noticeable and more accurately. That’s because the missing plastic injection, encircling covers a centimeter from the upper and lower ends. Only the lines that are exactly on the body above and below the bend. The case is thus made of aluminum 7000 series, as well as the iPhone 8s. Secondly, even though the camera was left protruding, but looks are not as foreign as in “six”. In place of metal ringlet came a neat aluminum influx. In addition, in the model 7 Plus is now two cameras, which we discuss below.

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