A special finger print scanner in Galaxy S9

A special finger print scanner in Galaxy S9

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The fingerprint scanner on the Samsung Galaxy S9 and other features are going to be very interesting, considering the facts that have been revealed over web. There are rumors that Samsung Galaxy S9 will not be equipped with a 3.5 mm jack, why – is not specified.


One of the improvements that will affect Galaxy S9 release date – it is the dynamics of the smartphone. Rumor has it that the first time on the flagship Samsung we get the dual stereo speaker.

Also, the expected iris scanner, the function of the Samsung “Smart Glow” – until now only available on Galaxy J2, also appears again, with additional functions such as the measurement of the heart rate and the ability to glow in different colors to represent different weather conditions.

In addition to these functions, most likely, will appear connector USB Type-C, a slot for MicroSD memory card and waterproof case.

Price Samsung Galaxy S9

The earliest rumors about the cost of Samsung Galaxy S9 indicate approximate price of $ 850.

It seeped from “Web”, and is without any – any evidence, but most likely, it seems to be true. It’s a bit more expensive than the previous version of the smartphone, but in principle, it is logical. And while we wait for the official presentation of Samsung Galaxy S9, and then see how the rumors presented in the article coincide with reality).

Considering year 2017 for Samsung, happened to reshuffle which affected the positioning devices, schedule their release and that the company makes. In particular, for the champions went to the experiment, when the abandoned Memory Card (Apple has not, and no one complains!) Made monolithic body, and it scared off many consumers. What appeared on the market two models – the S7 and S7 EDGE, in the same size housing, but with one side edge and the other without, confuse the situation even more?

Questions about the launch of Samsung Galaxy S9 are really interesting, and exciting. And, much more would come for this topic, once worldwide launch of S8 happens, and following this launch we would welcome S9 in the market, but not sooner. So, let’s wait for the beast to come out in 2018. Till then, we will be delivering more content on the Samsung Galaxy S9.

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